Quiet Down, Huanyang VFD. (replacement fan)

My Onefinity will be powered by the 800W spindle/ 1.5kW VFD from Huanyang. One of the reasons this is attractive is the decreased noise as compared to a router. While the spindle itself is incredibly quiet, the cooling fan on the VFD is obnoxiously loud! I realize that this still pales in comparison to the noise of cutting material, but the fan runs continuously when power is on, and every little bit of noise reduction helps. So I took the VFD apart and looked up specs for the fan and sourced a different one that is noticeably quieter (-6dB quieter).
The one I found fits the mount for the stock fan and is 12mm thick instead of the stock 15mm. It has the same 2-pin connector as the stock fan, so is a plug-and-play replacement. It only blows 85% of the CFM of the stock fan, but I’m confident this is still plenty of cooling for the application. I’m only driving an 800W spindle (roughly half the rating of the VFD). Searching youtube and other forums, a few other people have placed thermostat switches in this same VFD and find that the fan hardly runs at all.

Here is a link to the replacement fan: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C2S1MV4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

And I made a quick video comparison of the two. Filmed with professional equipment on a soundstage an iPhone.


Looks like a big improvement, glad it worked.

I have a 3.0kW Huanyang, which has a different stock fan, but also very loud. I ordered this fan last week to try to quiet it down. https://www.th3dstudio.com/product/40mm-sealed-bearing-fan-24v-ender-3-tornado/

have you actually gotten the fan and installed it yet? I’m VERY interested because that fan is SUPER loud. please tag me so i can see if you have. I’ll buy it if it really does make that much difference!

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Thanks for the your effort to improve the VFD fan noise. I purchased the same spindle, but have not yet set it up. I did see the other posts you mentioned about installing the thermal switch to only run the fan when the VFD reaches a certain temperature. I think I like your solution better! Thanks again for your research and heads up.

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I replaced my fan today. I have a 3.0kW Huanyang, which has a larger heat sink outside of the plastic enclosure, and apparently has a different stock fan, but same size and similar specifications to muddyfeet’s.

The new fan took it from an irritating 53dB to a tolerable 41dB (measured at 1m). Happy for now.

How about thermal guided and smaller or Noctua(or another Quiet fan). I’d prefer to heat sync the whole thing and make it fanless and completely enclosed.

Once I start using it for hours at a time I will check the temperature. Good chance it doesn’t even need that fan.

Impressive. Do you have a video or any instructions on replacing the fan? Thanks for the information.

I just removed the plastic retainer that holds the stock fan and it is alot quieter. seems the grill creates a bunch of noise

I have also discovered that most of the fan noise actually comes from the plastic grill used to protect the fan. It’s like blowing air across the top of a coke bottle

I hate noisy fans. They always seem to make me feel rushed when I’m doing something.