Feeds and speeds issue, maybe?

Has anyone had an issue with the 1F dropping lines of GCode as it cuts? I have cut a couple projects using a hard wood (Maple and Rosewood) Each time it happened, I feel like the feed and speed was too fast and it may have caused the cutting to not keep up with the code. Example, when the router picked up to move to another position, it never got to the 1/2 inch above to move causing it to cut across the material about an 1/8 inch deep.
Is it possible that the code will get ahead of the cut causing it to cut incorrectly? This is the only thing I can think of as to why this happens.

This may be missed steps… You also stated elsewhere you have homing issues. If the adjustment to stall homing hasn’t fixed that then you may have something else going on. If you zoom around your gantry in all different directions does it ever make a whirling grinding noise ans lag a bit?

I haven’t noticed any issues such as that and I do move the gantry around quite a bit when I flatten some boards. I will look into your suggestion though. Thanks

Did you try slowing it down and see if that corrects the issue? If it does the same thing, then something is wrong with the code. Machine speed should not cause code to skip. If the bit does not raise enough to clear the wood, then the code is not correct.

I cut 3 projects yesterday and did slow it down. It worked fine for those cuts. At this point I will go with your suggestion and my first thought that I was pushing it too fast on a harder wood.
Better to slow it down than lose a nice piece of wood.

Thanks for the input