Files(dwf, etc) from Fusion 360 to thumbdrive

I am new to this site and the One Finity machine. I am having issues loading files to a USB drive and understanding the types of files needed whether it is a gcode or etc. Can anyone provide some guidance to a newby on this issue?

Hello Glen - welcome to the forums. Which machine do you have, or more specifically, which controller? The classic black box Buildbotics or the new Masso?

In either case, you need to generate gcode from Fusion 360 in the manufacturing workspace, export that gcode using a post processor, and then move the gcode to your controller for use. The specific process is dependent on your controller.

If you have the Buildbotics and your controller is on the network, you can upload directly from your computer and skip the flash drive. I do not believe the Masso controller has that functionality, but I don’t have one so I don’t know.

This video might be helpful and this playlist.

Hope this helps!


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