Finally buying the Journeyman today!

After work today I’m going to place my order for the Journeyman X-50! I was wondering if there was any accessories or upgrades you guys wish you would of added to your order before you placed it? I am already going to get the touch probe, the 4ft extensions and the large set Oops Clamps. I already have a vac system, bits and fusion360.
Thanks for any insights!

Stock up on patience! :wink:


Definitely have plenty of that coming from 3d printing lol and im sure ill be on here alot trying to figure things out.

I was referring to the patience needed to endure the wait of order delivery :upside_down_face:

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lmao oh yeah I keep telling myself it will be around the end of march lol id much rather just make the 6hr drive there hahaha