Well, pulled the trigger…

Journeyman 50mm ordered with touch probe, wireless controller, set of bits, and 2 sets of wire extensions.

Now just to figure out where it will go….

I’ll have to pick up some sheets of MDF to make a platform for it to sit on and reorganize some tool boxes…

I have 2 months to wait so lots of time (never enough time).


Congrats!! You’ll love the machine.

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Word of warning, the Journeyman is huge and heavy! Be ready for it to take up more room than you thought, and have another person around for setup if you can! I would have been happier if I did!

I had a post about about things to do while waiting that had a lot of good responses. There was another similar discussion shortly after. Both in the past 6 weeks. You might enjoy reading them.


I have a thickness planer that is 6’x2’x4’ weighs 800 pounds and will joint and thickness up to 16” in one pass…. At least the CNC will be in pieces…

I’m thinking up a torsion box setup that will live on my outfeed table and flip up when I need to make some cuts on the table saw….

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