Journey man 3d model?

New to club and currently waiting on delivery in 2/3 months. I was wondering if anyone had a model or sketch of the journeyman or at least the specs of the mounting locations?
I’m planning on making a steel table and just wish to plan ahead and have one built before the cnc arrives

I’m also waiting for my machine but have found the wait to be actually a good thing. I encourage you to read through the forum posts as there are hundreds of good ideas (and many things you’d never even think to consider). That said, I went through the same “have to build my table” drill. The link that Bob_D presented is from the “Spec Sheets” section. While these drawings are good, I also wanted one from above. Found that the documentation on the QCW frame gives you the mounting hole positions (by virtue of it having to accept the Journeyman bolting onto it).
Waste Board Assembly (Journeyman).PDF (69.5 KB)


Crap never realized the wasteboard pdf would give me the dimensions I was looking for, Thank you for posting this for me.