Financing or Payment in Full?

Does OF offer any form of financing? or payment in full at time of order?

PayPal credit is the only financing as of now.

I just purchased through affirm. I have used them in the past and really like them. They have a instant credit card option and you type in how much you want to spend and it’s done. Onefinity got paid in full and I have 12 equal payments to pay it off.

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I too have used affirm for other purchases not my onefinity, but can say I enjoyed using them also.

I came here to find out about this, too. Affirm will only pre-qualify me for $550 off-site, however, they’ll pre-qualify me for the entire purchase of an X Carve if I use Affirm through Inventables’ web site. I’ll come back in a month or two to find out if Onefinity is using Affirm directly, yet, and if not, I’ll probably have to go with the X Carve.