Firmware Update 1.0.4 (9/27/2020) (Outdated firmware)

This is the first official firmware update for the Onefinity CNC Controller.
Copy this file to a usb stick or upload via networked connection.


Instructional video on how to install this firmware:

1.0.4 Change Log:

  • Fixed text sticking out of some dialog boxes.
  • Probe xyz, probe z buttons on control screen light up green when conductivity is present.
  • Added a Shutdown button under flyout menu
  • Fixed Reset Defaults for OneFinity woodworker and machinist configurations.
  • Added new upgrade button under firmware section
  • Added automatic check for upgrades
  • Added checkmark after firmware version on control screen when controller has latest firmware installed
  • Reliability and Stability Improvements

Will units that haven’t shipped be updated prior to shipping? Thank you

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Yes, they were clear any unit shipped after 1 Oct will have the update.

Dudes some kind of Wizard.
Keeps teleporting the controller box.

One second thought- less whiskey when working with IT may be in order…

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No… more whiskey when deal with IT… especially for the IT staff…

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This firmware is now outdated.

Latest firmware is here: