Firmware Update 1.0.7 BETA (3/11/2021) (Outdated Firmware)

This is the forth firmware for the Onefinity CNC.

This is a MAJOR release. A lot has been fixed, updated, and improved. We’re investing more effort into improving the software and want to thank the team who’s been working hard doing so.

This is a BETA release. Expect bugs. If you run into any issues/bugs, please report them below there is a possible issue with xy being off after probing xyz. If you run into this issue, please describe in the comments.

We have decided to keep the jerk at 1000 for now. If you’ve been using 15,000 (in the 1.0.6 versions), you can feel free to return to 15,000. The probe bug (where depth using xyz probe button should be fixed).

Updating via USB
You’ll do an update via USB using the following steps (beta’s are not available via autoupdate):
Copy the blue .bz2 file below onto a usb stick (it must be formatted as fat 32 or ntsf). Click the flyout menu (three bars on top left), general, under firmware click ‘UPLOAD’. Select the 1.0.7 Beta file. Depending on your shipping date, the password to update will either be buildbotics or onefinity


Fixes :

  • Fixed touch screen not accepting touch
  • Added popup during calculation to stop the user from sending inputs during calculation.
  • Added new shutdown/restart button on flyout menu.
  • Updated the wording on the firmware update page to be clearer. Replaced ‘upgrade’ with ‘Upgrade via Web’ and ‘upload’ with ‘Upgrade via File’
  • New probe diameter in probe dimension field. This will allow you to set a default probe dimension and be remembered upon reboot.
  • Remember Inches/MM setting upon reboot (thanks Robin G)
  • PWM spindle on/off bug fixed. Will no longer turn off spindle between toolpaths when using a VFD.
  • Cleaned up UI layout a bit on the main screen
  • Enabled auto expansion of partition and file system to fill SD card on first boot
  • Added probe continuity test before probing (pop-up dialog)
  • Added a popup after probing, reminding the user to put away the probe
  • Lowered default probe seek speed
  • Fixed file drop-down menu showing old files
  • Added file system watcher for uploaded files
  • Improved support for large gcode files, improves performance on Raspi
  • Fixed a bug where the UI could become unresponsive at boot, or when uploading the first gcode file
  • Changed default max-deviation to 0.001 to reduce issues with chattering while cutting arcs and circles
  • Hides ratpoison (window manager) message during boot up
  • Disabled G61, G61.1, G64 gcodes until the root cause of circle chatter is identified and fixed
  • Increased icon size on the main GUI
  • Improved version comparison logic for handling public beta releases in the future
  • Changed default max-jerk to 1000 for X/Y axes
  • Changed default idle current to 1A
  • Force-set some critical configuration values to help with reliability
  • Metric units only for junction-accel and max-deviation
  • Rewrote the homing procedure to be more consistent
  • Small improvements to the stall homing procedure
  • Fixed error messages in the console (webgl)
  • Fixed styling bug with error dialog
  • Changed max-acceleration from 12.75 to 10 to stop xy axis from stalling
  • Behind the scenes optimization and stability improvements

What sized SD card comes in the controller? Can it be swapped for a larger one ?(after cloning it of course.)

32gb is the size in the controller. This new firmware ‘cleans’ the drive as you use it…so I think 32gb will be plenty!


That is one heck of a list even with what was done in 1.0.6… You folks have been burning the midnight oil!


Can you upload this update directly from 1.0.5 or do you need to upload 1.0.6 first?

Go direct to 1.0.7 beta

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When I download this file it saves as a RAR, I extract the file with no problem, however there is no BETA 1.0.7 file in the extraction. What am I doing wrong?

You don’t need to extract content. I used the web interface with the ‘upgrade’ button and just selected the downloaded file

I am not a fan of trying beta versions due to so many issues that come up. I am going to go for it though. Run a few practice cuts before loading in my main material. Let us see how it goes. OF has an excellent track record and this is a huge update solving some critical issues.

I was a happy camper on 1.0.6 beta then got bit by multiple issues with the final 1.0.6 release. 1F support wants me to update to 1.0.7 beta to fix my latest issue (controller interface just stops responding) but given all the things that they’ve changed/fixed in this version, I’m a little wary about what new issues I may encounter…

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Totally get it. I have been bitten by a beta version more than once. As our group grows, so do the testers. I had some issues with screen flicker and have been wanting to update OF more on the situation, but have not ran my machine in a bit due to a crazy schedule. Hoping this may fix it, or bring it more into view so it may be identified. I am not one for messing with settings, as I am so new to CNC work. I love the capabilities it opens up though. Repeatability and all. Enjoy working my scroll saw, but love having the time for other things while the machine runs my work. Figured I would give it a go. Hoping for the best.

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Update successful. Control changes seem much better and everything seems more responsive right from the start. A very noticeable change the first cut I made.

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Thank you for all the hard work and effort you guys put into our beloved OneFinity !


@onefinitycnc there’s so many great updates in this release. Thanks! One that I was really excited to see, because it would mean one less thing to do every time I turn the machine on, is the persistence of the metric/imperial unit selection. It does seem to keep my setting of imperial, however the units in the grey buttons still default to metric. They will switch if I toggle to metric and then back to imperial, but now instead of saving 2 clicks, there’s now 4clicks to get everything set to imperial.

Hey team, has there been any work done on the laser? It would be good to have a test fire button on the UI and also the ability to home the machine properly and still use it. Also being able to do more than one cut without needing to reboot the machine would be good too as the test-fire M3/M5 commands don’t seem to work again after you’ve cut a file out.

I got my machine in November, do I need to do the process of expanding the memory size as stated here? How To Expand The Raspberry Pi File System

Or has that been accomplished in this 1.0.7 update?


I just ran the 1.0.7 beta update yesterday and it expanded my memory card for me.

My machine is from December.

Not in this release.

@onefinitycnc so far so good on the 1.0.7 beta. One thing I’m not really a fan of is the continuity test and the reminder to remove the probe. If there was a way to turn those options off that would be great.

I updated my machine to this as I am currently doing a big order and I was having issues. So I updated the software to this beta and found the machine was off on its probe by 3.175 on the x and y. It placed the edge of the bit (both x and y) on the edge of the material vs having the center of the bit in the center of the corner. I did not want to use an offset in vcarve to compensate for this. For the time being, I added 3.75 to the prob dimensions. I noticed on the probe settings there a probe diameter. I reduced this to 0 as when you probe it sets it to the bit you currently have in it. What does probe diameter change?!