Firmware Update 1.0.6 BETA (12/28/2020) (outdated firmware)

Updated 1/15/2021 : We’ve identified a bug that was introduced with 1.0.6 Beta. Apparently, when the jerk is raised beyond a certain number (in this case up to 15000) it affects the z probe height, it adds 1.5mm depth when probing for z in xyz probe button. Reducing it back down to 1000 (but staying on 1.0.6 beta) will correct the z height (or manually zero z). We’re working on a fix.

1.0.6 BETA is the third firmware update for the Onefinity CNC Controller.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a BETA firmware update. It is not finalized in either features or optimizations.
Please leave all feedback in the comments of this post. Let us know what you think of the speed and features.

Updating via USB
You’ll do an update via USB using the following steps:
Copy the blue .bz2 file onto a usb stick (it must be formatted as fat 32 or ntsf). Click the flyout menu (three bars on top left), general, under firmware click ‘upload’. Select the 1.0.6 file. Depending on your shipping date, the password to update will either be buildbotics or onefinity

Once the firmware is installed, to get the max-velocity and max-jerk settings to apply, you’ll need to reset the configuration. If you’ve made any changes to stall homing, probe dimensions, or pwm/spindle, you’ll need to write those down to reinput later as resetting the configuration will change those values back to default. Go to the fly out menu, general, under configuration click ‘reset’. Choose your appropriate machine, and hit ok. Once reset, the values for both will change. Reinput any stall homing, probe or pwm/spindle settings that you had before resetting.
Here’s a walk through on how to reset with pictures How To Reset The Configuration To Defaults



1.0.6 BETA Change Log:

  • Added popup during calculation to stop the user from sending inputs during calculation. Resolves missing info on control page when users hit play before letting calculation finish.
  • Reduce Max-Velocity from 12.75 to 10. Some machines lost steps with rapids being so high (mimicking bad wires)
  • Increased Jerk from 1000 to 15,000. This lowers the slow down in corners (s-curve). Will speed up cuts by up to 4x! 3D carves are most affected by this change. Make sure you bolt your tables down, it’s really gonna move!
  • Optimized Stall Homing. Homing will now ‘rock’ back and forth to clear the stall state. This will be most notable when rehoming after a home command.
  • Updated the wording on the firmware update page to be clearer. Replaced ‘upgrade’ with ‘Upgrade via Web’ and ‘upload’ with ‘Upgrade via File’
  • Behind the scenes optimization and stability improvements.

Calculation Popup:

Firmware upgrade wording change:
firmware upgrade


Any known defects? Or should I just roll the dice? :wink:

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None. I’ve done some testing with this for a while now and am loving it. Make sure table is backed properly and stable though. The increased jerk may cause some table movement otherwise

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Highly recommended to screw/bolt your 1F to the table adequately…
The movements are very abrupt!!

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Given the new, abrupt motion that a few users have mentioned, can this be adjusted or throttled back??

I’ve had this beta for over a week and I can confirm that the table will move! It will also knock off anything you have on or near the table. You have been warned, lol.


Forgot to add this to original post.

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Hey Michael… Yes you can. You just need to reduce the jerk rate until you find a setting you are happy with. Hope this helps. Talk soon…

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whats the password to update, please? onefinity, i found it.

I love the new homing routine. Much gentler with the same results.

I was hoping that it would accidentally fix my 3/4 circle bug but alas, it did not.

Where does the adjustment live?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.

You said you can adjust the jerk rate. Where in the UI do you make the adjustment?

Oh, that explains it. I didn’t say that but Yes it is in the OP. I don’t know but I always find what I am looking for just by poking around. Probably in the motors section.

Batton down the hatches! Now, this is the acceleration I have been wanting to see since I got my machinist. Cutting a Vcarve Aztek clock and my simulation time went down from 8 hr+ to 4:20. so far so good cutting but it sure tests how well you made your table. In my case not so much but it’s holding up. There are a ton of Z lifts and now it seems to be doing rapid Z lifts. Yay.


Max-jerk is the value that changes the ‘fast’ movements we’re referring to. It’s located under the motor settings.

@onefinitycnc - is there an easy way to know what settings you have changed, so you can copy them down? I know I changed my stall current, but don’t recall if I mucked with anything else. I suppose if I don’t recall changing the value it must not be that important, but…


The config backup is json… However the few versions I have are not ordered the same so a flat compare isn’t possible… A powershell script should be able to though as it could traverse the nodes.

it is right down ugly and not efficient… but you cannot use compare-object on json itself.
$Original = Get-Content C:\Users\bpscg\Downloads\onefinity-20201213.json
$Current = Get-Content C:\Users\bpscg\Downloads\onefinity-20201229.json

$Orig = $Original |  ConvertFrom-Json 
$Cur = $Current | ConvertFrom-Json 

foreach($o in ($orig | get-member | where-object membertype -eq NoteProperty).name)
if($orig.$o | get-member | Where-Object MemberType -eq NoteProperty)
    foreach($i in ($orig.$o | get-member | Where-Object MemberType -eq NoteProperty).name)
    if((compare-object -referenceobject $orig.$o.$i -DifferenceObject $cur.$o.$i) -ne $null)
        "$o.$i -- $($orig.$o.$i) vs $($cur.$o.$i)"
    if((compare-object -referenceobject $orig.$o -DifferenceObject $cur.$o) -ne $null)
        "$o -- $($orig.$o) vs $($cur.$o)"

It will spit out where the differences are so you can look closer at the json. Someone can definitely do better… this is really just a quick stab at it to get the idea out there.

Thanks BJ - I will check it out!