First Time Cutting MOP

I cut some MOP today. I use my name as the logo on the guitars I build. I had purchased a precision 1/8" collet from Elaire. I checked the TIR before attempting to cut the pearl. At 3/8" the TIR was .0011". I was told that with the cutter I was using, .010" diameter, that much TIR might be a problem, but I decided to try it anyway. I set the Makita to 6, feed rate to 8 in/min, and depth of pass to .005". The pearl is .055" thick. It took 51 minutes and 21 seconds with the following results.

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Hey Dave,

Mµ Opioid Peptide?
Multidrug Oligosaccharidyl-lipid Polysaccharide?
Muriate of potash?


Ah! Is this Mother of Pearl from natural source or manufactured?

Transports Internationaux Routiers!
Translocated intimin receptor?
Total indicator reading?
Toll-Interleukin receptor?
Tirupati Airport?
Tir (demon), son of Iblis?

@AndyP Hey Andy, are you collecting glossary terms also for our FAQ?

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Yes, Mother Of Pearl blanks purchased from StewMac luthier supplier. TIR is total indicated runout.