FOR SALE: Woodworker QCW Frame ("Secure from Beneath”) PLUS Rolling Folding Leg Stand

ITEMS WILL ONLY BE SOLD AS A COMPLETE SET. (Paid $745 total for both) Make a fair/reasonable offer.

Item 1: Woodworker QCW (Quick Change Wasteboard) Frame – “Secure from Beneath” version (Paid $367 new)
Item 2: Rolling Folding Leg Stand (Paid $378 new)

Great setup. I upgraded to the Journeyman and I don’t need this setup any longer. Very sturdy and easy to roll in/out and around the shop.

Items are in DALLAS, TEXAS. If shipped, UPS shipping charges will be paid by the purchaser. (Whatever actual UPS charges to ship to your location PLUS insurance)

You still have this for sale?

Yes Sir. It is still available.

How much are looking to sell these for?

Feel free to make a reasonable offer. Are you local to Dallas?


Sorry, I’m traveling today so responses are slow. Literally on the plane now and taking off. I’ll check back when I land. Thanks again.

Yes, I’m in Fort Worth. I made the choice to purchase the Journeyman, but thank you.

No problem. Thanks for letting me know.

If you do decide to divide things up I am looking for a Rolling Folding Leg Stand shipped to Montana.