Foreman Fuses Sizes?

I’m most of the way through assembling my Foreman. I decided to power it up to check things out before I install the spoilboard, spindle, etc.

The main power box comes on, but the Masso controller will not. Found a blown fuse beside the cable that connects the Onefinity box to the Masso, but it doesnt seem correct to me.

What size should the fuse for the Masso power cable be? Mine is a 1A micro glass fuse. Seems like each of the stepper motors would draw enough current to blow this, though it supposedly passed QC before shipping…

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I see that you marked the problem as solved, but I have to ask in case the board really is that sensitive. Did you notice if there was a brief arc when you plugged in the machine? Or did you by chance open the shell and reach for the board without one of those grounding straps on your wrist?

I looked at the link shared by TMToronto and also another image that I found of the G3 board online. That’s a 24V DC input and I’m not certain how that fuse would have popped on the back side of the rectifier, unless you grabbed the board with your bare hands. :thinking:

I’m more curious if there really was an ESD on the board and as a result, customers should be more vigilant of this.

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