FR - Add the ability to update the Time & Date on controller

There should be a spot in the interface that allows the user to set their time/date as well as timezone. My End Time is off my over 7hrs and X min.



Agreed. Not sure what the time difference is on mine, but it is off also.

Do at your own risk. This is very simple, but I always make a copy of the raspberry pi ssd card before making any change.

Do the following steps to change the time zone.
1. open terminal and run the command " sudo raspi-config " and press enter.
2. A new menu will appear. Select " Internationalization Option ".
3. Select " Change Timezone ".
4. Select your Geographical Area.
5. Select your Home city or select the nearest city listed there.
6. Select Finish.

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Daryl beat me to it – you should be able to set up NTP too if you are on a network and the time will sync automatically (though I think it is enabled by default).