FreeCad path generation with Masso

This page lists the supported Masso G-codes: Supported G-codes

Based on this page, the linuxcnc post processor should work but you should deactivate tool length offset ( option --no-tlo ) as the Masso list does not include any offset G-Codes “G43” etc. (this part taken from FreeCad Forums)

To set this as the default machine then:
“Edit” → “Preferences” → “Path” (in the ribbon on the left) → “Job Preferences” → “Post Processor”

Well this is what I am going to try when my machine shows up in 5 weeks


Folks on the Masso forum have suggested building a post processor based upon the Fanuc. I have it kinda sorta working, at least camotics thinks so.

It is not ready for even Beta yet, but if you are interested reply here.