Fusion 360 error message - "The post processor set on the machine does not support machine simulation"

“The post processor set on the machine does not support machine simulation”

What does this even mean, and why would the OneFinity not support simulation? The simulation works, but this error message pops up every single time?

There are two options for simulation. The first is the older simulation that shows you the stock and the path of the router. The second, and new option, is to simulate the actual machine. The error is due to not having create a model of the OneFinity that can be used by Fusion 360.

It probably hasn’t been done as this is a fairly new option in Fusion 360.

I was going to post if anyone had done this already, maybe I will take a look and see how hard it is to create the machine.

It would be nice to visualize what the machine is doing, however it is not required for simulation.

Here is a good video explaining how you could setup a new machine.

Here is a model I found for the OneFinity.

I think it should be pretty easy to build given the existing model.


I got the same error and simply disabled the machine view. I’m not tracking a model of the OF that Fusion can use for this purpose, but that would be pretty cool.


I don’t know how I missed this reply, so I’m sorry for the late response. I think your answer is a very good one. I’d been thinking along those lines but was unsure how to proceed. Thanks for this!