Gather Sign Using Vetric One The Onefinity CNC


Thanks @MyersWoodshop Ben for your great work in showing us this!

Thank you Ben! Enjoyed watching that.

Thanks Ben, nice to see all the ways to control it.

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As usual Ben Thanks, 3 questions if I may add to your already busy schedule,

  1. How to get the pp for onefinity for vetric
  2. since you used same tool, it just asked to continue when spindle hit right speed, my question is what does it do if second tool path requires tool change?
  3. after Onefinity offers their touch probe, will be able to still use the Triquetra, I own one?

once again thanks ahead of time

Ben awesome video and info seems like you should receive beta tester of the year reward

We will have a page of pps on our site once we start shipping.
You will still be able to use your own probe.