Gcode tester on the controller

Gcode tester of some kind to check the ‘ready to run’ gcode and machine set up.

Maybe a version of air cutting with a ‘jog to next limit’ or fast forward option?

I’ve cut some projects where the Gcode was fine and simulated fine in CAD/CAM but it cut well away from the expected location, junking the workpiece…probably a missed save on manual zero-ing or bad probing.

I air-cut the gcode now but having the machine run the gcode in real time is a s-l-o-w way to check the maximum travel of x-y-z


Try connecting to a networked computer, you’ll see a visual simulation in relation to the work area (this doesn’t show on the touchscreen connected via hdmi.)

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I’m in the group of customers that runs the 1f without a networked computer via the load via usb method.

For folks that can run networked, that simulates the actual gcode but doesn’t do anything to guard against probing, zeroing or material sizing issues does it?