Give me your feedback

Had my 1F for two weeks, using Vcarve pro Any tips you can offer would be appreciated.


You are doing fantastic, two weeks in wow very nice work. Thank you for posting and welcome. I look forward to your continuing contributions. Great job!

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These look really good. One thing I would ask is some of the cut edges look burnt although it looks like you torched it too so not sure if those where from the cuts or the torch.

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I torched them to bring out the detail. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much.

Thank you, I’m really happy with my 1F.


Please take the following as constructive feedback from a fellow woodworker and Florida kayaker (not too far from you in Navarre). I think you’re doing great for being just a few weeks in.

The “pumpkin”…the things I noticed were that it looks off center in the wood and maybe your bit was slightly too large for the design (mostly noticeable in the tight corners). A little too much charring for me but that is personal preference. I like the handle shape!

The flag…The overall flag proportions look great but I noticed two things with the flag that bothered me. The union looks squished and needs more space between the stars. Also, the top stripe is significantly wider than the rest. I’m assuming that you used a downloaded file. I believe that Mark Lindsay on YouTube does a great union video and if you haven’t been watching his stuff, you need to go to his page and start watching at the beginning of his Vectric tutorials.

The compass…it’s probably the file design but I don’t like how close the N-S-E-W letters are. I think they’d look better pushed out. It also looks like you V-carved the outside vectors but maybe a touch too deep? It’s hard to tell without seeing the actual file. I like the overall project…is it a wall hanging?

Again with the Mark Lindsay recommendation, he’s got some great Vectric/Vcarve tutorials that will help you improve. His videos were a tremendous help to me when I was first starting to learn Vcarve Pro. Good luck going forward.

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Josh. Awesome comments. I have watched videos and am always looking for advice and direction. I will definitely watch the videos. I’m enjoying this so much. The board is a Stove Top Cover. I collected a lot of files and some are really wanky and my fixes aren’t the best.

I’m a sea kayaker. Sold my last boat two years ago as there weren’t any groups in the area. I love it and will return to it again once time allows

Thank you for your direction and advice. It is nice to have comments to help me grow. Be safe.