Gonna try to make moulding ... get the Y rails higher

So I have a Journeyman with the QCW frame. I would like to replicate some molding in say 6-8’ lengths.

Basically I think I want to use the 48" cut length and slide the material in the X direction… right smack into a tube.

I have seen Z riser blocks but no Y risers. I am gonna guess about a 2" high riser.

Any thoughts or ideas?

This is the closest I could find.

Interesting thought process. So instead of tiling from front to back you want to do it from left to right. Easy to do, if not using the QCW. What about milling your own aluminum ones. I guess you could use the dimensions from the QCW for sizing and just get longer M5/M6/M? bolts similar to what Rowdy did for his Z Axis lifts above… My machine is in storage (sold house and living in an Apt, until the retirement home is built by end of Apr or May) or I would try to mock it up for you… I will follow as this is something I would be interested in as well.

I think tiling may be an exaggeration … chuckle … more like slide it down a channel. And yes I thought of machining one myself … but hey if somebody already has it at a good price.

Should be pretty easy to make if you have a 3d printer.

If you’re not on any particular hurry you could just do it along the front to back axis, only means doing 32" at a time instead of 48" but if you’re just sliding your moulding along a fixture each step of the way it seems much much simpler than sourcing feet risers and mounting them only to do the same operation on the longer axis. You would also want to remove them after rather than have the longer extension to get to your work. Just sayin’.:roll_eyes:

You know you are probably right. What got me going was the back of the machine is up next to the basement stairs and blocks the rear … but it is on wheels.

Being a cheap bast&*(… I will take 30 sec longer. Thanks for catching me being stupid.

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@CandL I get these things in my head and can’t stop running through different scenarios. If you really do want to do the mouldings in longer steps, why not just do it at an angle , from front right corner to back left corner ? Now you would be doing it in increments even longer than 48" ( tries to remember geometry from 50 years ago… the square of the hypotenuse something, something. :thinking:Anyway, longer than 48" ! )

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