Have you named your machine?

I’ve seen a few people that have named their machines, and I’m starting to understand why. I’m still fired up about being a part of the Onefinity team, but when explaining all things CNC to “an outsider” :laughing: I find myself saying “…my CNC machine…” very often. I’m still looking for a name for mine, but hoping to get inspiration from others. What have you named your machine?

The Beast! Because it has done everything I have thrown at it!! Without flinching. My old Fox Alien would have gone up in smoke.

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Buddy the Elf… not really but it does make parts for me :wink:

Edit: Missed opportunity to say “and it came from up north and took a long time to get here”


Maple syrup instead of 3-in-1 oil ?

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Our robotics team names all of our machines (3D printers, lathes, etc).
We named our Woodworker Finn.

Very original, I know. :grin:

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My Woodworker is named Colin

Colin The CNC

I also have an Ortur laser machine which is called Connie

Connie lives inside Colin’s enclosure when they aren’t being used!!!

.I named mine “Pending In Transit” because I got an email that the shipping label was was printed 3 days ago and it still has not shipped.


Joey. Joey pretty much picked his own name when he outright said, “How you doin’”, when he discreetly chucked a cutout at me.

I’m also about “this close” to naming the CR-10 V3 Ross because it’s a whiny, prissy, practically useless heap of clueless junk that can’t really get anything right. Ya. Take that, David Schwimmer!



Because, why not…

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