Hello to all, my first post

Newby here. Pretty much my first post.
Well I have been reading up in here while waiting for my Journeyman to arrive. Getting my table built and here we are so far. Built a top and bottom out of 2x6’s, using my Festool Domino with 12 mm tenons. I then screwed 2x4 rails around edge of top and bottom frames. 2x4’s also Domino’d into to middle of frames with 2x4’s under to reinforce.
I used 4x4’s at 33” screwed to frames and rails to lock it all together. I have leveling castors coming from castor.com, they are 4.5”. I will wrap it up with 2 sheets of 3/4 in birch sanded plywood that Lowes had on sale. Overall, I should be at 38” when completed. Table top will be 4’ x 7’.
It will be going against the wall under the shelves I built out yesterday. Fun times ahead.


Welcome. That is quite the table…

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I believe that should do the trick!

If only I had a tenth of that kind of space!