Help my text is choppy

I’ve been doing signs with raised text,
there is choppy marks that require a lot of sanding
I need to know why please…

If you’re in Fusion360, try enabling “smoothing” in the toolpath menu.

Mr Makerjace,
I am in Vetric aspire, I might have to learn 360/ Does vetric have this ?

Are you actually using the Tapered Ball nose bit for ALL of the that clearing operation? Also, your Feed rate appears to be high according to the feeds/speeds on the website for that bit.

Finally, are you using conventional or climb cuts?

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This looks like straight line approximation of curves to me. I have never used Vetric, but imagine they’d have something similar. Maybe try this out?

No idea if it’ll work, but maybe worth a shot. Definitely dial in your feeds and speeds also like suggested above. If you’re going to fast, dwells between movements might appear as gouges in the part.

I would use an endmill and do a “separate last pass” of .015”

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How does one set up the separate last pass? Is that done with an offset path?

If you’re using vectric it’s a checkbox option in the profile toolpath, there are lots of YouTube videos on separate last pass too

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My choppy letters are not on the profile they are on the raised letters inside the carve the profile is easily fixed with sanding