Help with making RedDogWoodCraft wasteboard

Hi everyone,
I just purchased the files from Etsy and got vcarve pro trial version. Watched a video on basic vcarve operations. Loaded wasteboard file saw the three toolpaths, At this point I have some confusion and want to ask you some question, if they make sense.
It looks like I will be making one slat at a time. Will I need to flip the board to run the toolpath for Outside circle?
I checked the machining time in vcarve pro and it is 52:31 for one slab. It seems a lot. Does it really take that much time? Can I safely speed it up?
Should I surface the slats after fixing them to the table? Or just surface the sacrificial board only that will be on top of these slats?

Thanks for any help.

I would contact the seller through Etsy.

It looks like there may be several files/things to cut (wasteboard and fixtures). There’s no way for forum members to know what you have loaded, and probably not wise to share purchased files here.

My apologies. I never intended to share purchased files. Actually, I read here in the forum that several members bought and made this wasteboard. My questions were basically to those members. I should have made this clear the first time.
Thanks for your advice.

Another vote to contact the seller. He is very responsive and I am sure he can help you out.

That said, I ended up cutting the dog holes all the way through the MDF and playing around with the vcarve files until I got the fir I wanted for the dogs.