High quality vs. cheap Spindles made in USA/China

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There are cheap no-name chinese spindles, and there are also high quality chinese spindles, e.g. like Jian-Ken spindles. There is more than one user in this forum that runs one. The PwnCNC spindles and VFDs (DELIXI Hangzhou Inverter Co., Ltd., model CDI-EM61) are made in China. There are cheap chinese VFDs and there are high-quality chinese VFDs. There are a lot of highest-quality spindles available from Germany. Usually their manufacturers offer not only the necessary accessories like pre-programmed VFDs, spindle cables, and ready-to-use VFD cabinets, but also servicing the spindles, e.g. exchanging bearings or retrofitting air sealing.

For the price of a Mechatron without ATC you can get a medium-expensive Chinese Jianken with ATC, which can be seen at work here and which was presented in these posts, and for a medium price you can get a Jianken without ATC with 80 mm diameter and ER20 collet. It is worthwhile to look at this direct comparison video in terms of vibrations, between a cheap ebay spindle vs. a Jianken spindle (video) (shown is the JGL-100 2.5kw 24000rpm ATC with ISO 25 taper).

A 2.2 kW 220 V spindle, on a VFD for 2.2 kW 220 V spindles, requires a VFD whose max. input current is at least 24 A, a fuse of 30 A is recommended. See here for explanation and links to VFD requirements. Please don’t forget that a VFD is a AC-to-DC-to-three-phase-AC inverter. Not only every inverter has loss, but first of all a VFD is a device that delivers three 220 V currents on three wires simultaneously, each shifted by 120°. So if your spindle is rated with 10 A, this means 10 A per phase.

I have shown this with veryfiable data often enough in this forum, please see the link above. A three-phase power is not computed like AC current U*I, but U*sqrt(3)*I, and a VFD input current rating is not to be confused with the VFD output current. See here for more details how spindle current and power are computed.

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You forgot the third way to cool a spindle: With an electronically, heat-sensor controlled fan, like on many spindles, e.g. like the Teknomotor 2.2 kW 6,000–24,000 rpm spindle with HSK32 tool changer, ceramic bearings and air-cooled with E-fan shown here in operation. This is an example of air-cooled spindle whose fan can very well continue to run after the spindle was stopped.