Hole Pattern for 65mm Spindle Mount


Does anybody have the dimensions for the bolt pattern on the spindle mount? Also what thread size do they use (please say 1/4-20 or 10-32). I am working on a mounting block for a mister/air assist, but don’t have access to the machine atm.


I have both mounts, but this is for the 65 mm. Using non-digital calipers it looks like …
A1= 38 mm
B1= 25 mm
+/- 1 mm
Screws are M5

Sweet! Thanks TMT, much appreciated! I should have specified I needed the 65mm mount…are the 2 different?
I’ll make the holes more like slots so I will have a bit of slop to play around with.

Happy to help out - I’ve asked similar questions over the time I have a forum member. The spacing for the 80 mm mount looks to be 38 mm for both A1 and B1 dimensions.

Thanks again!
Also, from my experience, the ones using analogue calipers are the ones who really know what they’re doing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How deep are those threads? Thanks.

The threaded holes go thru the mount completely. I put in and M5X12mm and I could just barely feel it on the inner surface of the mount - so the holes will accept 12mm of thread. Perhaps 10 mm to be on the safe side so the screws do not hit the router body.

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Thanks again TMT, super helpful!

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