Homing Question

Hello. I set my machine up and it is square and flat. When I bring the why axis all the way to the end there is a slight gap (see photo). Is this acceptable or do I need to unscrew it and set up again?

Just a note. This is my 3rd attempt at squaring and setting up and the results have been the same every time.

I never really paid attention to mine to see if there was a gap. As long as the machine is square and homes properly, I don’t think it will hurt anything. Others might have more to offer.


@Jgolden4455 You’re OK. Watch the other axis when you home xyz and you will see they do that too. Also refer to the Onefinity video fine tuning stall homing to see how it works…

I was having the same problem where just the left side y would bounce back just like yours. I watched the video and tried lowering the 1st suggested setting from 1 to .9 and it fixed it by stopping the bounce. I have laser printed an 816mm x 816mm 10mm crossline grid on my wasteboard that allows me to pinpoint my bit or laser very quickly. Not homing properly would mess up my accuracy.

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I’m having this same issue and I think it’s making my machine cut out of square on larger pieces about 1/16th - 1/8th on a 24x48 work piece… did this ever give you anymore issues? When I try to assemble the machine no matter what I do one side tends to come out the same as above. Very frustrating to say the least :confused:

Hey Kevin,

you don’t mention whether you checked the machine for rectangularity and coplanarity, but I would say, to consider a gantry-type CNC machine (with its two Y axes) as ready to use, these are checks that are necessary, because if the machine is twisted or a parallelogram, flattening the worksurface will not help. If the machine is twisted or a parallelogram, it can only produce twisted or non-square workpieces.