Homing Switch Brackets - For 3rd Party Controllers

For those who opt to use a 3rd party controller/drivers, which do not support stall homing, you’ll need homing/limit switches installed.

Sharing my designs for the community. Still have a few tweaks, but functionally the work great.

Because I like to be difficult, I initially wanted to go with proximity switches for all axis. This worked out-of-the-box on the Y axis mounted in the rear, but for X, there was nothing metallic for the sensor to pick up on. So I modified the top cap on the Z-Axis block. Continuing to try and shove a square peg into a round hole I went through a few iterations on the Z axis before giving up on the proximity and using a standard mechanical switch.

Each bracket has adjustability designed in.

STL file will be provided for free (non-commercial-use) - Thingiverse Link
BOM - (tbd)
If you’d like a set of these but don’t have a 3D printer, either just 3D prints, or full assembly, let me know I will throw together a kit for a few bucks (direct-message me for now if interested).


Thank you for sharing. I am working on the same thing. I left a few links to some solutions I am exploring. It is in the “Let me be second” topic.