Min max switches enable

I tried today to use the min max switch enable of the x and y axis, you can enable them no or Mc but I thought they could be used for homing the machine but when activated just initiates the e- stop ? What’s the use if these switch enables, asked 1F support and said he did not know,? Seems simple question to me. Wonders if anyone has used them already

I have not used them but looking at the buildbotics controller manual it seems you would need to set the homing method to switch-min or switch-max on the motors tab for each axis if it is possible:

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I figured it out works 10 times better on switches.

if you emailed info@onefinitycnc.com or called the phone number, they do not know technical details like this. For anything technical support, email support@onefinitycnc.com

Those are used for physical limit switches, which the Onefinity does not use.

Ive got them on mine.
Converted it to use homing micro switches.

Hello Michael,

how did you attach the micro switches? Do you have a picture?


Changed homing to “switch min”
Connect micro switch to say motor 0 and one to ground.
Select min switch normally closed.
And there you go works perfectley.

Pics of how you mounted the switches?