Hours Log Feature Request

I’m not sure if it already exists on the controller, but if not:

Somewhere that the hours of runtime can be logged.

Showing total hours and then another for a customizable pop up that notifies you every “100 hours” or something. That way you can always know when routine maintenance needs to be done.

I think that would be helpful.

I initially was thinking of adding an hour meter but ended up deciding it wasn’t going to be particularly helpful.

The cleaning/maintenance cycle is dictated less by number of hours of use and more by the types of materials you’re carving.

MDF produces dust more than chips and needs daily (& sometimes more frequent cleaning). Wood on the other hand with proper chip loads and dust collection is more of a “wipe it after use”. Plastics and stone are on both ends of the spectrum as well.

I check for oiling based on when I empty my cyclone - seems to be a good time. I check the brushes on the router on an ad-hoc timeframe (when I can’t remember the last time I checked).

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Yeah I agree with the materials as well. But I don’t think it would be too hard to add that feature into the machine? I think it could be helpful for purchasing a machine used as well. Just my thoughts, though!

It wouldn’t be hard to add and may be useful for maintenance, Since there isn’t really a persistent memory location flashing the SD card would wipe out any culminative hours counter from a used machine resale value. For that you’d likely need to send usage information out to the cloud or something like that.