How do you finish a detailed wood carve?

I feel like this might be the start of a religious war but here goes.

I have some walnut/maple carves that are ready for finishing. Unlike other projects I have done there are no large flat surfaces which seem to be the target for “hard wax” finishes like Ruboi and Odie’s.

I have looked at scroll saw folks and they seem to do the dip in Boiled Linseed Oil (BLO) followed by a rattle can spray Poly.

What do you use to bring out the wood, provide some durability, and deal with fine detail and corners?

Yep, likely a religious war :wink:

I’ve used Odies, mineral oil, lacquer, and poly. I’ve not used Lin seed oil yet. I like Odies best, but as you note, getting it rubbed in is problematic. In that case, my recommendation would be lacquer. Curious what others are using.


Wow, guess all those other projects are running around 'neakid … who knew?

When you use the Odies do you buff it in with a Dremel and buffing wheel?

Hi Carl - nah, that’s entirely too much work :laughing:.

I wipe/buff it on with a white scotch-brite pad, let it sit for a few hours, then buff it off with a terry towel. I let them dry for at least 24 hours before handling.

Depending on the detail of the part, there might be more wax in certain areas than desired, so when I wipe it down I try to get into all the tight spots. Eventually it all dries. As long as it is not goopy or gloppy (:arrow_left: both highly technical terms :sweat_smile:) it’s all good.

Hope this helps.


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