How does loading and running programs work

so the x50 does not need to be hooked up to a computer. so do you create a program on your computer save to a flash drive and plug that into the controller? can you run from a computer? if so is it better to run from a computer. I’m assuming the controller doesn’t save programs so just save on flash drives and use them when i want to re run a program. step by step how does it work. thanks

2 main options: LAN and USB drive. If you can connect to your WiFi or ethernet network then you can use your computer to upload programs through the web interface. That means you can do your design work on a computer and then upload the file to the Onefinity controller. That’s what I do. Others will use a USB flash drive.

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thanks. is one better than the other. also side question on waste board. it seems most users screw machine down to table then add waste board in between rails. this way aren’t you losing the thickness of waste board from z axis. could you put pieces of waste board under machine feet then add wb in between so its the same height as waste board therefore having full z axis

Whether one is better than the other depends on how you want to work and if you have a choice. Some people don’t have network access for their controller so are forced to use the USB option. As I said, I use the network option.

I don’t know that I’ve seen anybody raising the feet with waste board material. I think you’d have to be careful about that as it may impact the stability of the CNC machine. You are adding extra leverage (kinda like a cheater bar on a wrench). I have seen some use of riser blocks on the Z gantry to do the same, but that also sparks discussion about what negative impact that may have on how solid the system now is. I really can’t advise one way or another as I have no experience.

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