How low can the collet go?

Hope beginner questions are OK.
Thinking about cutting the horizontal table for a vertical table clamp set up, how close to the table can I run the spindle, Thinking that if I cut the slot with the Onefinity, it will be dead nuts square to the gantry.
Would not be possible with my table saw or panel saw so would have to be skill saw or router with fence to guide the tool.

I cut my slot with my 1F for the same reason. I purchased the longest 12mm bit I could find to trim my torsion table slot. I made the slot as true as I could and then trimmed with the 1F.

It will be dead nuts parallel to the axis the slot was cut with, but square depends totally on how square your machine is set up.

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Of course, I realized after I posted it that I was a bit sloppy in my question but Andy P gave me the answer, thank you both.