How quiet should the x50 be

just how quiet should the machine be while moving. I’m still getting things set up but have played with the joystick a bit. seems to have a robotic arm moving sound like you would see in the movies. Is that just the ball screws moving. I’m pretty confident the machine is square and level. I will try to find a video of the machine moving without the router on. just found a video. that sounds like mine, guessing the noise is normal. sorry for the post

“Robotic arm moving” sound should be about right.

Watch the Onefinity maintenance video they move the gantry around to spread out the lubricant. You can compare sounds.


Hey Butch,

agree to what @AndyP says. Ball screws make a noise because of the friction between the balls and their helical raceway and the screw. You can hear the normal noise of the Onefinity on this video (and the pain in the ears when you switch the router on)

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yep, that’s it. sorry for the dumb question but thank you for the replies. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t screw something up

Hey Butch,

I don’t think it is a dumb question. You spent that whole money, you want to be sure everything is correct.

Watching the Meyers video of the Elite Series, he indicates the Elite machine is much quieter than the original X-50 or X-35 giving credit to the steppers and drivers for the noise reduction, I agree with him most of the noise most likely is from the steppers, not the ball screws, I have built a few CNC machines and depending on the drivers and motors used there has been some difference in the noise produced.


Hey Pat, hey all,

you are absolutely right, I had the thought that I should also have mentioned the steppers as source of the noise when I answered above. I use stepper motors since a very long time and I remember that when I first heard them in action, it is that I found they “sing”. You can hear this very well in the video linked above. Butch mentioned a “robotic arm” sound. Robotic arms make such noises without ball screws, but also without steppers, they make good sounds with servos too, depending on the moving parts from which the drive is made, and also toothed gears are “singing” well. But it is very true that especially steppers are very musical, because of the way they work. I always liked these sounds, and I suffer so much when such an ugly noise like from a router covers them, which does not sing at all :frowning:.

But ball screws have their own sound, that neither toothed belts nor lead screws make this way. But you are right that mostly the steppers are louder than the ball screws.

Sorry that my message was incomplete, unfortunately I don’t have much time today! :frowning:

That the Masso steppers on the Elite Series should sound so different or quieter than those of the Onefinity Classical series is interesting, I have never heard the Massos yet.


Watch the Meyers Woodshop video showcasing the Elite Masso Router, just released a week or so ago.
Thanks, Pat