Elite Journeyman Stepper Motor Hum

Although it took me a while to set up my Journeyman, I have finally got it done. But while testing the travel, I noticed a hum coming from the right rear stepper motor. The rest of the stepper motors are silent. I did contact tech support and they informed me that this is fine.
Has anyone else encountered this? I was a little concerned.
Other than this, everything seems to be working well and there were no alarms to clear.
Thank you for your input.

Yes. Motors emit a noise when powered and idle current is holding them in place. Your good!

Same thing here and on other CNC machines I have had using steppers.

Thank you for your replies. I did understand this from Onefinity supports’ reply. I was curious to see if anyone else experienced this.
I guess with 3of4 stepper motors being silent, just made me wonder about the one with the hum…in case of a lose connection or something.
Thank you.

“I’m not saying it was the aliens, but it’s the aliens”

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