Stepper motors humming

Stepper motors humming. When the machine is on but I am not running any processes. I hear a humming coming from the stepper motors is that anything to worry about or very normal. If that is normal should I make sure I turn the machine off between carve. To cut down on wear and tear. I hope this machine outlives me lol thank you David

I asked this same question not long ago and Onefinity said no, it’s normal.

Deleted, someone else beat me to it. Lol.

Thank you for the information. I saved a long time for this machine and I wanted to last! Have a great day

I have heard this and am able to stop my humming by moving the machine just slightly - not sure if same thing as what you are experiencing

I was able to do the same, but I wouldn’t want to have to do that every time the machine is idle. If it does not harm the stepper or stress the driver then except for the little bit of power consumed I guess it’s not hurting anything.