How to Create Extruded Text

Hello, I’m looking to create extruded text on something im making. I followed the “Open Sign” tutorial on Vectric’s Youtube page and it was helpful. But… I’m trying to make a round puck with the extruded text (see pictures below). If i follow the tutorials guide i get an ugly lip along the edge. I’ve tried a few different things but can’t quite grasp how to go about it. I am using a 60 degree V Bit with 1/4" EM Clearance path.

Austin, I’m not an expert, and this may not be the correct way to do it, but I would use the offset tool to create another circle outward about 1/8". Clear the space between your text and the outside circle. Then when you do your profile cutout, use the original circle. Hope that makes sense.

It looks like you may have either a double line for the outer circle or you’re defining it with an offset so you can do a finishing cleanup pass but don’t have that pass defined.

What order are you doing your passes? Can you upload the file so I can take a look at how you’ve defined your toolpaths?

I think i understand what you are saying. I guess my goal was to do it in a nice “clean fashion” without any special work arounds. Being around CNC’s and such my whole life it seems like a fairly easy thing to program, but perhaps V Carve Pro is different. Thanks for the advice! i may end up doing that.

Kawasaki Ornament.crv (498 KB)

Kawasaki Ornament.ngc (49.4 KB)

Here are the CRV and NGC Files. Is this helpful?

Interesting enough i just found 2 lines for the outer circles. I deleted one of them and reprogrammed but still got the same outcome.

I think the way Vectric is handling it, is mathematically. They know the geometry of the bit and are calculating how much to move the point of the bit inward at your specified cutting depth so that the shoulder will be on the vectors you’ve selected. To demonstrate, you can change the cut depth to .2 of an inch and see the result.


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You need to add another circle to your design, offset outward. Instead of selecting the circle you’re currently using, select the new circle.

Use your current circle for your contour cutout (the operation that’s giving you those retaining tabs).