How to do a profile cut

Can somebody tell me how to make a profile cut around this?
Thanks for any help.

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Not very familiar witch carveco but most design software should allow you to create an offset vector around your project. If carveco can’t just make a vector bounded around the whole thing like vectric, I would do outside offsets for the top and bottom “pieces” and merge the resulting vectors.

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It won’t let me do a offset around the whole object. Thanks for the help.

Likely because your rind and inner part are separate. There may be other ways of doing this (grouping the parts?) but how about just drawing a new vector yourself that is continuous around the entire object and then set that as your profile vector?

Draw a series of circles with a bisecting line, then delete what you don’t need and join. There’s your outside.

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Thanks everyone, I watched a couple of videos and figured it out.