Profile tool path

Hi everyone
I’m hoping some one can help me out here.

I was running a profile tool path 1/8” cut out
and I had all my setting right like I have done before. But for some reason when I went to save the tool path it came up as 2 separate tools see photo and when I simulate it did 2 tool runs. I have done profile cut out 100’s of time and it has not done this before.
I’m using Carveco Maker software

What do you think is going on.

I’m not at all familiar with CarveCo, but the “(LP)” in front of the second toolpath has me curious. Are you configuring your toolpath to do a separate last path with a small offset to get rid of cutting marks? If so, Carveco might be calculating the last path as a separate toolpath.

Thanks for the info, I found out what I was doing wrong. I contacted Carveco and they helped
me out I had a box check by mistake and never noticed it. Felt pretty silly I never noticed it.
Thanks. Terry