Profile cut problem

Trying to finish up this project for my son. Second attempt to get the profile cut to cut as shown in the vetric software, not sure what im doing wrong…any ideas

Are you selecting to cut ‘outside/right’ on that contour toolpath?

Hi Dave, yes that is correct.

From the pic it seems like you have multiple toolpaths for that contour, can you post a pic of your toolpath list?

I believe its the number of passes 7 in total

In the section that says ‘Machine Vectors’ that should be checked as 'Outside / Right not ‘On’. On means that the centre of the bit will cut from the middle of the vector.

So I have been playing around with the file and sent you the pic with ON selected I apologize however I did run the file on the job with Outside/right.

Are all of the shapes that go to make up the entire design joined/welded together or are some of them separate objects?

So its quite baffling there are two shapes one is a quick engrave the other a profile each one complete shape no open vectors or anything…Im happy to send you the file if that would be more helpful, and appreciate you trying help.

From the pic it appears that everything is as it should be so not sure what is happening. I’m using Aspire so I’m not sure I could open a V-Carve Pro file although I have never tried. If you want to PM me and I will give you my email and I would be glad to have a look at it for you.

Just sent PM to you.

John … Have you installed the Onefinity Post Processor for V-Carve Pro?

Post Processor = Onefinity (inch) (*.ngc) not sure if this is the one for V Carve Pro or not?

I have absolutely no constructive help, but I just had to show one similar I made for my son.

Used plywood so the end result kinda sucks, but it was a great test of a large pocket.

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hey did you ever find a solution to that problem im having a simailar problem where my pprofile cuts ar e cutting off center although they all are centered in vetric

I did not unfortunately.