How to pass the time?

So I’m on week 2 of 10-15 of my wait for my Journeyman.
I am very eager to get going but this wait is really a drag.
To the point that I am looking at random CNC kits from China and wondering if I should just buy them to fill the time.

Anybody else experiencing this CNC addiction (and wait)?
Any interesting books or other resources you’re using to help pass the time?

There’s only so much modeling and simulation one can do in Fusion360… :sweat_smile:

If you haven’t got one, I would get a 3d printer to toy with in the meantime.


I started with 3D printers, but my ambitions have outgrown the small scale nature of them.

Mine took just about 14 weeks. That was outside the 10-12 they projected but I expected that since the Journeyman was a brand new product and new things never come out on time according to plan especially when waiting for stuff coming from out of country. It should be arriving tomorrow.

Build your shop stuff now. I waited (I honestly thought it’d take another 4 weeks due to waiting on the QCW, shipping at the end of the week vs the beginning of the week since “week of” for almost every company means the Friday of the week and figured UPS would take 2 weeks to get it from Canada & through customs). Fortunately I started my table build last week so I can finish it this weekend or so and the boxes won’t be sitting in my garage for too long.

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Surely not :slight_smile: Giant 3D-printer builds a TWO-STORY house in one piece 🏡 - YouTube

haha! I’ve been working with something much more modest

@JimHatch it will take me 1 day to build my table.
I don’t want to do it so early as it will just get my hopes up.

Feel free to recommend good YouTube channels you’ve learned stuff from, if you have any.
At least I can live vicariously through others :slight_smile:

It took me a day just to cut out all the pieces (well most of the pieces - I haven’t cut out the drawer trays yet). I’ll be working on the build this weekend. I’m building a variation on Fisher’s tilting table. I had to stretch it a bit and shrink his drawer stack so it would handle a Journeyman in under 8’ in length (ended up being 82"). I’m doing long shallow trays instead of the drawers he had (a foot or so deep drawers with soft-close slides). I figure the trays will be more useful for me anyway because I always lose stuff in wide deep drawers. The shallow trays will let me organize all the accoutrements without having them get buried under something else. I’ll probably end up with about 8 or 10 3.5"x22" sliding trays instead of drawers in the “drawer” cabinet.

I did make a few VCarve projects to do the drilling & flattening of my QCW waste boards. I think the drilling ones will work fine but I’m not sure about the flattening because I had to guess on the overall width of the whole thing as the QCW diagram doesn’t call that out. I’m assuming standard t-track widths but folks who have the WW QCW have reported the track doesn’t take standard t-track bolts so that suggests the tracks themselves may be non-standard sized. So until my QCW shows up I can’t know for certain that my VCarve projects are correct.

I’m also working on a VCarve project for 3’x8’ 3D carved door overlays for the doors on my new house. The doors are plain glass paneled and I’m trying to create an overlay panel that will mount on the doors with custom relief carving. The JM can handle the width but needs a tiled project to handle the overall length. That’s sucking up a fair amount of time.

In retrospect I should have bumped up the table build (and the garage cleanout needed to house it when it’s done) priority over the VCarve design work I’ve been doing. :man_shrugging:

I used to like Tyler Beck’s F360 stuff ( but stopped using Fusion a couple of years ago when they started really mucking about with the licensing model. I used it for my plasma CNC work and just ended up shifting to CorelDraw for art projects and Design Mechanica for sheet metal projects that I would be welding up (like car & motorcycle fuel tanks).

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