How To Use Manual for Onefinity CNC

You have manuals for assembling the various CNC machines and for wiring them. You have a manual about what is seen on the screen when it’s turned on. Where are the descriptions about errors and what to do about them?
Where is the manual on 1. Turning the machine on and understand what it’s telling you before you do anything. 2. Actually setting up the machine, spoilboard, how to level the spoilboard, what indications/errors do you see on the monitor when it’s to big/small, the gcode file is not correct. 3. How to actually set up a project from designing in software, Carbide/Vectric a simple round/square/rectangular bowl for example. How to mount it to the spoilboard.
You do a disservice to your customers by providing a really useful tool but not telling them understand what it’s telling them when they do something wrong. Or how to set up and make the simplest of ‘wood things’ that are possible with this machine. Get them started and in the right direction with enough information to do the 1st project and the next. You could really take watch what Avid CNC is doing with there training. I almost went that route but did want to spend a $12,000 dollar CNC that I can very easily do on my X-50 Journeyman.
I’ll end with this. I’ve been using my CNC for a year now. My nephew came over and watched for a while. He wanted to learn too. I had to set him in front of a bunch of Youtube videos from other CNC users for him to learn how to use a Onefinity CNC. You don’t have a manual for newbee’s.

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Hey Curt,

are you refering to the Onefinity Original Series/Buildbotics Controller or the Elite Series? For the first, there is much information in Buildbotics Manual v1.0, and for the latter (Elite) in Masso Documentation.

Otherwise Onefinity Homepage → Support is the place where all PDF manuals are found. There are also documents in FAQ section (read-only) of the forum.

I agree that there could be more documentation on some topics, but many issues are treated and answered in the forum.

Regarding a “How to use a CNC in general”, I think a CNC manufacturer cannot provide such a manual. In my country this is a profession that takes at least three years to study (Zerspanungstechniker).

I recategorized your post to Feature requests category.

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