Base Plus Spoil Board

Ordered a few days ago and I have my present CNC by BobsCNC Evolution 4 machine on a work bench that measures 4’ x 4’ That CNC is like a one piece that has the spoilboard attached to the frame so all is level. I have given my CNC away upon the arrival of my new OneFinity. My BASE is level and don’t think it has any dips or low spots. So my question should I buy a 4’ x 4’ 3/4" maple plywood to set on top of my bench to set the new OneFinity on and then a spoilboard on top of that. I won’t have the OneFinity for a couple of months but want to plan now. Thanks

That’s what I would do. It should help sturdy it up the base and you want a sturdy base for the Onefinity.

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