Spoilboard height! How high are your spoil boards? I have an idea and I don't know if its good

So my Journeyman sits on a 3/4 ply that is the top of a torsion box. I was thinking of running a surfacing script on the CNC, to level the Ply down 1/4" or maybe even 3/8". This way I can place a 3/4" piece of MDF, and then surface that down 1/4". This way there is more space between my Z axis and my spoil board. Has anyone else done this?

All depends on what you plan on doing, mostly. If it’s set up with too much Z height, you may find yourself not being able to reach deep enough and will have to lower the Z axis for certain jobs.

I would be hesitant to surface the actual plywood table, and only surface the MDF spoil board. The upper-most setting on the Z axis should give you enough clearance for just about any common project. If you feel you need more, you could make spacers under the mounting feet, without sacrificing the plywood table.

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Well I am running a 80mm spindle, and although I haven’t ran a cut yet, I seem to have way more then enough height. I’d be more concerned if I didnt have so much vertical with the spindle size, but I think I have way more then enough currently. debating on whether or not I should do it, since I intend to lay down t track between my spoilboard here in a bit. I am leaning toward a yes.

One thing to consider: I “raised” my OF by the same thickness of my spoilboard thinking I’d want that extra Z height as well. Well in doing that, I’ve discovered that the Dust boots hit the Y Rails on thin materials due to the angles of the mounts. Granted that is only at the X-limits of the machine, but still happens.

I have a hole cut in my spoilboard if i need to route oversized objects; like engraving the ends of skittles.

Can you show a picture of this?

I just got my CNC and am trying to make sure I’m setup for maximum usage.

Haven’t done it yet. I figured if do it, I’ll do it if/when I need to. I been focused on learning vcarve ATM.

1 thing I realized is figuring out your clamping system is essential first…

I tried t track, but the clamps made me nervous. So I drilled dog holes, and 3d printed cam clamps…

I think though, I can 3d print stops for the t tracks, then use cam clamps in the dog holes, or cam clamps on the t track. So far my dog hole method works the best…

I was using blue painters tape and glue, and while it works, it’s not 100%, I had a few pieces of maple go flying when taking .02 passes on a dado. That combined with how much glue & tape you use, I can just see that costing way to much in consumables when you can get a better hold down system with cam clamps that you can make or 3d print…

What I realized is the first soil board and clamoring systems are going to be a work in progress so don’t stress it to much. Much like building a work bench, you gotta figure out what works for you.

I wouldnt, with the 80mm spindle my z attachment is at the lowest and the spindle is about 1/2 way.

There is plenty of room to add height by razing the z plate a notch or even retracting the spindle itself.