I hope I didn't junk my Z axis

Stumped. I hope I didn’t break something.

So I was setting up a piece, and my fat belly hit the control joystick down button. I drove a bit 1/8" into my spoilboard. So I then rebooted, re-zeroed the machine. I went on to probe X,Y,Z with a Jenny bit.

File is a simple through cut with the jenny.

When I execute the file it’s cutting air, almost 14.9 mm above the surface.

I rebooted again, rezeroed machine. Probed X,Y,Z. Same thing, cutting air.

I redid the file to be sure. Same thing.

Stumped. I hope I didn’t junk the Z axis.

I’ve seen a couple cases on the forum where the Z axis was crashed into the workpiece resulting in a loose grub screw on the Z axis coupler, this video shows the process on the Y and X rails, Z is the same just more accessible (you don’t need to disassemble anything). I would start with verifying these first.

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Definitely check the grub screws as @WaywardWoodworker recommends.

But since you are able to probe the Z axis successfully before “cutting air,” I have to ask:

Are you probing from the top of work material or the spoilboard? And does this match your CAM configuration?

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