Z-Probe behavior crashed bit into workpiece

Update: controller seems to have had an intermittent power issue, which I’m guessing somehow caused this behavior, as once I got the controller running again I was unable to duplicate it. Not sure why the device slewed left at an inopportune time, but repeating the probe sequence now acts as I’d expect: tool doesn’t move in X or Y. I suspected the Z-probe operation as it happened during the 1st Z-probe after the firmware update, but maybe a coincidence?

Original theory/complaint:
I did a Z-probe next to a piece of 25mm thick mahogany (to set 0 at bottom), after having probed X, Y & Z on the corner of the piece, it worked fine except after it finished probing it tried to drive to X & Y 0 with the bit at Z=23-ish mm, so it crashed the bit into the workpiece.

Thanks for any insights!

If I want to zero off the spoilboard, I zero X, Y & Z first then check that both X & Y on the display indicate zero then move either X or Y to an area where you can safely zero Z (don’t forget to turn the touch plate upside down) then return your X & Y to 0,0.

Thanks Dave, that’s what I did, just didn’t expect the Z probe to automatically trigger a return to 0,0. It was, I thought, a safe place to set Z, but that didn’t mean that it could move from there to 0,0 at low altitude. The more I think about it the more I think it wouldn’t even be possible to set up some origins with the probe if that’s the behavior, so it must not be the intended. I’m suspicious of the update, since that happened to be my first probe since I updated, but I can’t test the behavior as it killed my 1F.

Did you set a safe z height in your software? Maybe you might need to increase that height.