Z axis higher after process is complete?

Hi all,

My machine is fine but I have noticed something weird and hoping to fix it.
I will probe Z, which comes to 0.724" above the surface. Fine, all good.
After a process is complete, it returns to Z ‘home’ of 0.8.

Any one know why this happens? Its a little annoying.



That is an interesting observation. I think the variability is more than one would expect from backlash, or stall homing precision. Are probing and homing running at vastly different speeds? Is everything tightened? I wonder if others are experiencing the same thing.

Everything else is tight and on point.

Do you have a ‘Safe Z height’ set?

I’m not sure if i did or didn’t… I’ll have to dig into the settings, off hand do you know where that is?

The setting is under ‘Material Setup’ at the top of the toolpaths panel.

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