Probe XYZ issues

Hello all! So I’m brand new with my CNC and am trying to carve my first project other than surfacing/grid squares on my wasteboard. I am trying to prove XYZ and after I lower the bit to the circle on the probe and hit continue the machine goes to probe the from left to right, but when it does it doesn’t stop and moves the touch probe and then it estops. Do I have a setting off or maybe am I doing something wrong. Thanks so much in advance!!

Tried it again, and this time it sensed the prove on x and then went to probe y and moved it, then estop (switch not found)

show a picture of your bit.

Are you seeing the prompt asking you to touch the probe to your bit before it starts to probe? When you move the 1F to the circle on the probe how far away from the aluminum block is the bit? It should be about an 1/8" above (not touching) the circle.

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I’ll have to grab a pic later as my son woke up and i’m no longer in the shop. It was a 90 degree v bit, which after some reading I think may have been the problem. I put in an end mill and it worked fine, swapped back to the v bit and redid my z. Not sure if thats normal but it worked and allowed me to do my first cut.

Yeah it prompts me to touch the bit to the circle, i lower it with the remote control and the continue button turns green. I hit continue then it moves from right to left and touches the probe and never stops, then throws the estop. I believe it touches the circle, so maybe that’s the issue

You cannot use the probe on a V bit for x and y.

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good to know! Thank you!

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Should be using something other than a “V” bit

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Yeah I got it working right after I posted. Thanks Ron! As I said I’m an absolute newbie.

Instead of lowering the bit with the joypad lift the block up and touch the bit. That way you don’t accidentally overdrive the bit into the block. I know some people have a 1/4" round rod they use for probing all three. Then they remove it, install the bit they want to use, and then probe the Z over again. I use a 1/4" endmill bit.

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Why can’t a. 25" v bit be used to probe xyz?

it’s measuring the tip…but the probe touches the wide part of the v. It can’t be used for xy.