Improving Firmware experience using browser plugins

Hi everyone. I’m not an amazing developer, but, it seems like many of the functions I would really like to see in the onefinity firmware would be very simple to execute in a browser plugin, or on an external website that accessed the controller web interface.

Some of the functions I’m thinking about are:

  • Saving or setting x/y/z zero positions when the machine power cycles or homes
  • Multiple coordinate work spaces for setting up a couple of positioning jigs and moving between them without probing.
  • Saving macros to reuse later
  • Potentially even doing more advanced macros like tool offsets etc.

I know the 1f software team is working on quite a few significant enhancements so the small nice to have’s may not be ready for prime time for quite a while. I’m just curious if anyone has gone down this path for homebrewing some of their own improvements. I’m using phrase express on my laptop as a quick and dirty way of keeping macros around.

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I wonder if it we could use “JavaScriptlets” to populate the mdi textarea with precomposed gcode snippets.

I’d like one macro button to do simple center point math after xyz probing one corner, manually jog to the opposite corner and run “G54 G0 X[#5420/-2] Y[#5421/-2]”

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