Introducing the new Onefinity ELITE Series, Powered by MASSO

Vcarve has had a MASSO post processor for a while now, so it’s already there. We’ll be working on getting listed under Onefinity before shipping. In V11.5, it’s already listed under Onefinity Machine configuration!


Just thinking out loud about what an upgrade path might look like. Since they use the same rails, maybe we could send in our machines and get one back with used rails, but upgraded motors and controller. Then they use my old rails for the next person, etc. Each stepper about $150 so figure $600, the controller is say $1,200; so $1,800 retail for upgraded parts. I assume Onefinity gets a much better deal. Onefinity needs something to cover their costs. $2,000 plus shipping would be great, $2,500 plus shipping would be good.


Well, hopefully not that much. Say you have an X50 journeyman as is- at the intro price the elite is not that much more. Tacking 2k on to it to upgrade it, you would be better off selling your x50 for 60-75% of retail and then buying a brand new unit. Avoiding shipping and sales tax when reselling is a powerful motivator to new users as well.

One should not expect the upgrade path to be cheaper than buying new, but your old machine is still the best prosumer wood cnc on the market. Maybe the langmuir might beat it, but its much more expensive. The user experience of a onefinity is so much better than a shapeoko or xcarve that it isn’t even funny. The upgrades will not be cheap, but don’t fall into a trap of false economy when you already have a valuable asset.

Yeah, I’m very happy with my machine and don’t NEED any upgrades. Just having some fun and thinking it has to at least cost as much as the new hardware.

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Total beginner to CNCs here. It there much of a difference to beginner friendlyness of the X50 vs Elite?

I don’t mind spending a little more money and time to learn the better and more future proof machine. However it’s no fun if I can’t figure it out at all. Lol

Thank you in advance for any insight.

Can you guys shed some light on why the breakaway from the original controller?
I bought a Journeyman last year, hoping these elites do not suck away energy from continued development and improvement of the original controller and software!
(Selfish I know :slight_smile: )

Masso has their own dev team. Absolutely none of our dev team that is on our controller will have resources on it, so no worries there :slight_smile:

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Its giving me a stiffy

Carveco is a Windows product unfortunately (*) so that would be a no-no for me.
Will the Elite work with Fusion?

(*) = before someone points out that you can run Carveco in a Windows emulator on macOS… well, that’s still effectively Windows. Plus there’s no support for iOS.

I have my ATC build based on a Masso G3 and use F360 for CADX/CAM. They have a PP, and are very helpful. A while back I was trying to get a work around for the tool change limitations of the free F360, and the Masso team supplied a modified PP that I could use subroutines with.


Is the new elite wifi compatible?

Believe I have seen in the elite features that it does.

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to send files, yes. not to screen mirror like you are used to with our original controller.

Just a request - can we please have the following added to the shop before pre-order frenzy :slight_smile:

  1. 80mm Spindle add-on option for Z-20
  2. Plug and Play tool setter?

Or will you add them later so we can “add” them to our pre-orders before shipment?

and my previous questions have not been answered:

  1. Does the Rolling Folding stand have option for wobble free levelling feet? That would be nice as my workshop drops about 8mm / m of floorspace for drainage.

  2. With PWNCNC spindle can RPM’s be adjusted automatically from the MASSO? Or is it manual?

thank you!

And my order is in !

But before shipping I would like to be able to order the additional 80mm spindle add on + tool setter !


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80mm spindle is a selection during checkout. Tool setter will be available to purchase in the future (before orders ship).

thanks - but I would like to have the 80mm as “additional” - not as one or the other please. :slight_smile:

Great about tool setter - any idea about price?

Good morning @OnefinityCNC. The Elite Series hits the sweet spot. I ordered a this morning :smile_cat:

Would it be possible to get engineering drawings for the y-rails mounting pattern, hole dimensions, and ideally the entire machine? I am also trying to figure out where the center of the 80 mm spindle lands when it is as far towards the front as possible (for vertical work holding and machining).

Extra bonus points if you can make this available as some kind of file that I can import into Fusion 360 for fitting everything together.

One more thing, will the Onefinity Masso controller work with Masso accessories, in particular the relay module and pendant?



tech drawings will come at some point.

Yes, it works with anything masso, There are already two relays connected, one for vac, one for router.

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